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<<+10% for free when you proceed with download marketing>>
<<Processed marketing is reflected normally in various statistics and downloads!>>

“Is your ranking not going up no matter how many times you download the app?”
We present you true ranking marketing!!

The early stage is especially important for marketing applications.
This is the only chance to be ranked high in popular charts and trending search ranking.
Ranking marketing is the best at boosting the application you worked so hard on!
We help you to get the maximum effect with the minimum cost.

[ Our promise to the customers ]

1. We will proceed with marketing with 100% real users using our apps and SNS,
2. We will make our marketing process in transparent way by opening up the media for marketing
3. We will make your application go up in rank on Google Play, One Store, and App Store with your desired keywords.
4. We will send you the reports on the participants(users) after we complete marketing.

[ Price for marketing a product (per one product) (Includes Google Play, One Store, App Store, and other foreign platforms) ]

- General installment : 3 cents < Entering Popular Chart and Trending Search Ranking >
- Running app after installment :  4 cents < Running app after downloading >
- Installing after searching for keywords : 5 cents < Ranking goes up when searched with keywords >
- Review / Rating : 6 dollars <Managing ratings/reviews of the app >

※ Available for : Google Play, One Store, App Store (Domestic / Foreign)
※ Download marketing takes about 72 hours until it is reflected on Google.

[ Why is it so cheap? ]

-Our company uses compensation CPI network marketing.

What is Compensation CPI Network Marketing?
- Network medium where users receive compensation (rewards) when they search the app being advertised or take the action desired by the advertiser.

Why is Compensation CPI Network Marketing Necessary?
- Chart Boosting

Average users check apps on the top of the list or in popular charts.
However, to be on the top of the list, many application stores need at least 500,000 downloads.
By compensating the users when they participate in marketing process, the environment with no abusing can be maintained.

[ Definitions of words used in application marketing ]

- CPI : App Download Marketing

- CPE : Marketing that involves running App after Downloading Marketing

- CPA : Marketing that involves subscribing after downloading apps(site)

- SCPI : Marketing that involves raising ranking by downloading application through searching for keywords

- Review : Marketing that involves writing reviews after downloading the app

- Evaluation : Marketing that involves writing evaluation after downloading the app

- Popular Chart : Marketing that puts the app in popular chart and rank up in trending search when the application is downloaded

[ Distinguishing faulty (hacking, abusing, suspend accounts )

1. When the version of the app stops at 4.x

2. When the statistics on the developer console and download numbers on Google Play are not correctly reflected.

3. When there is only one device that supports downloading the app.

4. When additional charge is demanded because the app is too large.

5. When additional charge is demanded because the app is too large.


Standard : $300 (download marketing ) : 1000 downloads (100% real users) . 10% service is added
Deluxe : $310 (Review marketing) : 50 reviews (includes desired phrases) / A/S is included when 20% or more reviews are deleted)
Premium: $600 (Installation with chosen keywords) : 1000 installations by searching for keywords (Rank with keyword searching goes up)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does it involve real users, and no abusing or hacking?
A.That is correct. Our marketing is based 100% on participations of real users.


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