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<< 100% real people visit using their smartphones. >>

No fake accounts! No hacked accounts! No artificial methods!!!
Marketing involving page views by 100% real people through advertisement
We provide cheapest Uv, Pv(User/Page view) to those who need visitors and traffic.

[Advantages of traffic marketing]

Our marketing involves guiding real users to visit your blog/cafe/video/site through operating apps and SNS.

We will increase the page views by prioritizing targeting the most appropriate users for your sites.

100% real users visit the sites using their own smartphones.

High quality traffic is optimized during the process because this is not artificially processed.

※ Warning : Artificial traffic operation can cause you to be under low quality traffic or blacklisted.

[ Recommended for these people ]

1. Your search ranking is too low on the shopping list, so you want to raise it.
2. You need to grow Search Index by managing the page views of your blog or cafe.
3. You are concerned because you must show page views of the blog or statistics (When you need monthly management)
4. You wish to have advantageous score for portal search ranking by managing the visitors
5. You are a contents creator with good contents but low views so people do not watch your contents.
6. Your sites have been blocked from searching because you used solutions or help programs.
7. Your search index got decreased because you used bad solution.

[ Our promise to the customers ]

1. We will operate more than 200 apps and SNS to process marketing to 100% real users

2. We will make our marketing process in transparent way by opening up the media for marketing

3. We will try our best to increase your profit and expose your sites to the top of the page

4. We will send you the reports on the participants(users) after we complete marketing.

5. We will give you back the differences if we are not offering the lowest price.

6. Because real users are involved, the devices and browsers will all be different. IP band will be more than 1,000,000.

[ Prices for CPC ]

ㅇ 0.03$ per one general traffic(visitor)

- Method : direct visitation via the link on the post

- Effects : Page view increases, and the indicator is recorded in the statistics

- Length of stay : 30 seconds or more

- Minimum daily division : 500

ㅇ 0.075$  per 1 traffic(visitor) via other sites

- Method : Register posts on sites such as Facebook or blogs, and visit post by clicking on the link.

- Effect : The page view increases, and referrer (entry path) is displayed.

- Length of stay : 30 seconds or more

- Minimum daily division : 250

ㅇ 0.13$ per search traffic(visitor)

- Method : Visit posts by searching on portal (keyword can be specified)

- Effect : The page view increases, and referrer (entry path) is displayed.

- Length of stay : 30 seconds or more

- Minimum daily division : 100

[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Q: Are real people visiting?

A: Yes. We offer CPC Traffic product where 100% real users visit.

We help the customers to induce users quickly by targeting their interests.

Q: What are the advantages of search traffic?

A: For example, when users search cellphone case on shopping site of major portals, the rank of the product, first ranked at 100, increases based on the progress through search traffic.

We have many portfolios that show the exposure of various products from top 100 to top 10 with use of various keywords.

Q: What is traffic via other sites?

A: When you post on blogs, Facebook, or Instagram and give the links to us, we make users click on the product page written on the post. In this case, all inflow paths are displayed normally when combining visitors with normal user traffic, which greatly helps to maintain high quality media.

Q: What are the differences between your company and other companies?

A: Other companies use multiple PC and induce artificial traffic using VPN for different IPs.
In that case, IPs are filtered as bad IPs and your channels(sites etc.) can be closed due to entrance of negative traffics.
Our company does not go through artificial maneuver. Through our method, real users enter the links with their smartphones in where they live or through their mobile line.
Hence, every influx of traffic is reflected normally, and maintains high quality.

Q: Can we reduce the minimum daily division?

A: the minimum daily division is fixed for each product.

Q: Does abusing not happen?

A: Because this marketing involves inducing the visits of real people, there will be no abusing.
Every device is different, and the IPs and browsers are all different.
Because IPs are not for marketing, but rather real IPs from schools, houses, and companies, so the possibilities of faulty IPs are close to 0%.

* Problems can arise when traffic suddenly increases because you proceed with too many divisions for competitive keywords, so it is important that you manage the divisions.

※ We can write down your desired evaluations/reviews

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